Clinical Aesthetician, Emily Myers

Emily Myers, Clinical Aesthetician

Emily has always had a passion for patient care and an interest in human science. After attending the Metropolitan Community College of Kansas City to pursue nursing, Emily had a change in heart and felt herself gravitating towards the Aesthetic Industry. This decision was mainly influenced by Emily’s personal struggle with her own skin - her cystic, hormonal acne. Emily found herself trying everything to treat her own skin and nothing seemed to work. Once she started to see an aesthetician on a regular basis, she began to see changes in her skin. There, she learned how to really manage and take care of her acneic skin. Through that journey, she realized that she wanted to help others with their skin concerns. Specializing in acne and anti-aging, Emily knows how it personally feels to be uncomfortable within your skin, and she hopes to help others achieve full confidence in their bare skin.

Originally from Kansas City, Emily moved to Nashville to pursue her career in aesthetics where she attended Paul Mitchell’s school of Esthetics. After obtaining her license in Esthiology from the state of Tennessee, Emily began working right away for the office of Melissa Langley MD Dermatology and Aesthetics. There, she excels in treatments and consultations with her patients while she grows individual connections. Emily has a gentle touch and customizes each treatment to make it feel like a relaxing experience. She strives to educate her patients on how to optimize their skin’s health with the use of medical grade products and advanced treatments while also considering inner health, nutrition and lifestyle.

Emily enjoys spending her free time with her puppy, Willie Nelson. She also loves yoga, cooking and traveling any chance she can. When she is not working, she loves exploring Nashville and trying new restaurants.

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