Dr. Melissa Langley

Dr. Melissa Langley, Dermatologist


About Our Practice:

In her cosmetic dermatologic practice, Dr. Langley and her clinical aestheticians address a variety of cosmetic concerns including premature aging and wrinkles, sun damage with loss of vitality and tone, pigmentation problems and acne. They offer services and products for patients who want to soften and correct lines or wrinkles, remove furrows between brows, restore volume and firmness, and achieve a natural, well-rested appearance.  

Whether in medical, clinical or cosmetic dermatology, Dr. Langley is well known for her close and detail-oriented attention to each patient, her warm and personal approach, and her reputation for respect and honesty in treatment and product recommendations.

"I treat my patients like family, and take seriously my role to help them achieve their goals of healthy skin while naturally looking their best. I believe in patient-focused care and am passionate about superior results.  I love my work and I hope it shows in my patients."  - Dr. Langley  



About Dr. Langley:

Dr. Melissa Langley is an accomplished, board-certified dermatologist who believes healthy skin is beautiful skin.  Offering a full service dermatologic and cosmetic practice, Dr. Langley is all about prevention - of cancer, acne, aging or other skin conditions. Dr. Langley focuses on complete skin care for all age groups, from clinical diagnosis and treatment to aesthetic enhancement and restoration of the skin.  Patients consistently rave about their results.  Rated a top dermatologist by Nashville media outlets, U.S. News & World Report and Angie's List, Dr. Langley's first priority is professional and personal care of her patients, many of whom include three generations of families.  As a board-certified internist, she strives to deliver optimal dermatologic results by a holistic approach to patient care with a strong emphasis on medical health as a foundation to skin health.




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