Pavise: Dynamic Age Defense SPF


 Definition of PAVISE: oblong shield used during mid 14th century-16th century; long enough to cover the entire body; used by archers and crossbow individuals for the ultimate protection “THE WALL SHIELD

Pavise is a REVOLUTION: a complete anti-photoaging innovation. A unique, cutting-edge molecule!

It contains a unique Diamond-Core technology which incorporates zinc oxide that was meticulously engineered into a spherical molecular shape that efficiently scatters light.  It is chemical free. Other mineral sunscreens have jagged molecules that are inefficient at scattering light and take on a white appearance.

Dynamic Age Defense is luxuriously smooth and uniform. Its patented molecule goes on transparent and works 5 x greater to block UVA, UVB and even high energy visible light (blue light). Since there are no chemicals, it also eradicates 80% of solar generated reactive oxygen species (ROS). It functions as an antioxidant. 

The oxidative stress from ROS accounts for 95% of photoaging.  PAVISE reduces ROS by 80% and it maintains this function after 6 hours of UV exposure.

PAVISE has enhanced photostability and maintains its UV absorption after 8 hours of natural sunlight whereas traditional sunscreen loses its SPF protection after 2 hours.

Due to its patented diamond core technology, it is a miraculous workhorse for anti-photoaging!

Reverses major signs of skin aging; increases collagen synthesis by 50%
Restores compromised skin barrier and prevents transepidermal water loss
Accelerates wound healing
Soothes inflammation
Repairs skin damage

100% found it nonirritating with no allergic reactions
100% did not experience breakouts
87% noticed a reduction in acne and rosacea
87% noticed a reduction in photodamage, hyperpigmentation, and age spots
87% felt it soothed their skin; never burned when applied
80% noticed a reduction of roughness and improved dry skin and thin skin
77% noticed a brightened and more even skin tone and lessened melasma
70% noticed and improvement in fine lines and wrinkles



Safe For:
Sensitive skin
Reactive skin
Acne-prone skin
Eczema-prone skin
Seborrheic dermatitis
Pregnancy and breastfeeding

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Catherine Lakoff
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